Monday, March 31, 2008

jeez i suck

ok so my last blog was about how i was sorry for not blogging for a while and then this one is like what a month later, man i really failed you guys. im not really sure if anyone wants to listen to my rants and rave and if people don't post comments all the time then i get discouraged and don't blog for like a week. but since kris wants me to blog i will. so basically life has been going on just as i assumed boring and boring nothing really exciting has happened in the last month or two. i asked FNG out (im not sure if i ever explained this really but FNG stands for funny nose girl aka Samantha who for a while was my object of affection the reason shes is called funny nose girl is because when i would describe her to my friends i would say "shes the girl with the funny nose) she said she wasn't looking for a boyfriend but i had heard that enough to know that what she really meant was "im not looking for a boyfriend that looks like you". besides that not much has really gone on, i lead a very boring and predictable life for how spontaneous and random i am.

Randy's Random Rant of The Week: the fact that they are replacing sand in playgrounds with wood chips

i know the reasons they do it, its cheaper, the cats don't poo in it. but isn't the reason for putting padding like that in the playgrounds so when you fall you don't get hurt as much but wood chips don't do that at all, in fact not only does it hurt to fall on them but you get splinters and crap in your shoes, and there have been tons of times that it gets so hot that the wood chips burst into flames. so you decide, would you rather have you son step in poo or get his flesh burned off

the end

love randy green