Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008


im to lazy to write a whole blog post so heres some lyrics

One hand on this wily comet,
Take a drink just to give me some weight,
Some uber-man I'd make,
I'm barely a vapor

They shone a chlorine light on,
A host of individual sins,
Let's carve my aging face off,
Fetch us a knife,
Start with my eyes,
Down so the lines,
Form a grimacing smile,

Close your eyes to corral a virtue,
Is this fooling anyone else?
Never worked so long and hard,
To cement a failure,

We can blow on our thumbs and posture,
But the lonely is such delicate things,
The wind from a wasp could blow them,
Into the sea,
With stones on their feet,
Lost to the light and the loving we need,

Still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing,

With burnt sage and a forest of bygones,
I click my heels,
Get the devils in line,
A list of things I could lay the blame on,
Might give me a way out,

But with each turn,
It's this front and center,
Like a dart stuck square in your eye,
Every post you can hitch your faith on,
Is a pie in the sky,
Chock full of lies,
A tool we devise,
To make sinking stones fly,

And still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

anorexia nervosa

so the new showbread albums "anorexia" and "nervosa" come out today, i wont be able to hear them till i hang out with hector again. im really excited seeing how showbread is one of my favorite bands, and i thought there would never be a new album since josh dies(singer) went of and did crappy solo junk. im going to see them the 29th with hector and joey
you should go too, it will be awesome. so as for my regular everyday life nothing much has been up. school is almost out, and im excited for that. the last 3 weeks it has been freezing(and by that i mean like 68 degrees) but its still kinda weird seeing how its may and im in the middle of the desert. besides the weather ive also noticed that im a pathological liar. i lie for no reason. i lie and don't notice it. then i have to lie again to cover up the lie about the lie

im a horrible person and should be medicated


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Buh Buh Buh

hello again children, I am blogging right now because im bored. not much exciting happened i pretty much just stayed at home and talked to my friend rebecca every day. one fun thing that i did do was as i was walking down the street to subway i ran into my friend the sasquatche. he said that evil clowns were taking over his forest. i helped him kill said clowns and he bestowed upon me an amulet containing the spirit of the forest. but besides that it was all kinda bland and boring

Sunday, April 6, 2008

stupid people full of stupid stupidity

so this weekend i went to the mall with joey AKA jac, but the real reason i went was to see one of my best friends ever nicole, i havent seen nicole in over 5 months and i was really looking forward to it. so everything was planned out, we were totally prepared. i called her the night before and she said that she couldent go because she was sick. i was heartbroken. so we still went to the mall, it was alright we ate pretzels and hung out at the arcade for a while but something was missing

needless to say i was quite let down

thats all i have to say at the moment

good bye

p.s. i love you

Thursday, April 3, 2008


so in recent days i've come to realize that i've gained the reputation of the guy who's loud, overenthusiastic and cant take anything seriously. and i really don't like it just because thats the mood most people see me in doesn't mean anything. i have the same crap as everyone else and i can act like everyone else, but i choose not to because by me not being a jerk to everyone or being all depressed and crap i can make this world a little bit better. and if you'd rather just label me then go ahead, but it really doesn't matter to me what you have to say

On a lighter note:


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

so april first is upon us again a day when its tradition to play prank on friends and share in marryment but i think that april fools day has become something much different then what it once was its no longer about fun its about lies and rick rolling people

i hate you rick astley......I HATE YOU!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

jeez i suck

ok so my last blog was about how i was sorry for not blogging for a while and then this one is like what a month later, man i really failed you guys. im not really sure if anyone wants to listen to my rants and rave and if people don't post comments all the time then i get discouraged and don't blog for like a week. but since kris wants me to blog i will. so basically life has been going on just as i assumed boring and boring nothing really exciting has happened in the last month or two. i asked FNG out (im not sure if i ever explained this really but FNG stands for funny nose girl aka Samantha who for a while was my object of affection the reason shes is called funny nose girl is because when i would describe her to my friends i would say "shes the girl with the funny nose) she said she wasn't looking for a boyfriend but i had heard that enough to know that what she really meant was "im not looking for a boyfriend that looks like you". besides that not much has really gone on, i lead a very boring and predictable life for how spontaneous and random i am.

Randy's Random Rant of The Week: the fact that they are replacing sand in playgrounds with wood chips

i know the reasons they do it, its cheaper, the cats don't poo in it. but isn't the reason for putting padding like that in the playgrounds so when you fall you don't get hurt as much but wood chips don't do that at all, in fact not only does it hurt to fall on them but you get splinters and crap in your shoes, and there have been tons of times that it gets so hot that the wood chips burst into flames. so you decide, would you rather have you son step in poo or get his flesh burned off

the end

love randy green

Thursday, February 28, 2008

my bad dog

sorry fans....oh wait never mind, sorry robbie. i havent posted anything in a while, i hate you all....agian my bad, i hate you robbie. me and joey have made a pact to post a new blog every friday but since i will be busy tommorow and friday is only 1 hour and 55 minutes away i thought i would do it now. so anyway nothing important has happened in the past few weeks and thats why i didnt post, i have nothing to say. its funny how i have nothing to say in yet i continue to type. one thing that i would like to bring to everyone's attention is a flickr group called "bears in ill fitting hat" it made me lol, and i hope it will do the same for you. so i guess i should wrap this up seeing as how im just rambling.

the end

Sunday, February 17, 2008


so yesterday robbie finally arrived in California. first thing we did was to to the hat with kris avalon. after that we went to analog haven to look at stuff we couldent afford. then we went to the mall for a few second after that we checked hi into the hotel room and said our goodbyes. not permanent though because we are to see him again on Monday and maybe Tuesday


the end

Sunday, February 10, 2008


new blog

havent done this for a while

nothing new with me

robbie coming in a week

the end

Friday, February 1, 2008

yea well

today i did what i did yesterday and the day before

tomorrow i plan on doing the same\

the end

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my bad dawg

sorry i haven't posted in so long. its not that i don't love you im just sorta kinda busy. so not too much has happened in these last few days my birthday came and went. i guess as you get older it just kind of becomes just another day, which i find really sad. ive also noticed recently how much life blows. if these are supposed to be the best years of my life then the future inst looking very good. oh well i don't really want to end this one on a negative not so today i ate ham, and it was good.

the end

Thursday, January 24, 2008

days and days and weeks of months

so Wednesday i started finals and well yea that doesn't matter much. and after school on Wednesday i finally got a mic so i could talk to people on skype. today i took finals too but that doesn't matter. i talked a ton on skype and now i want to sleep

the end

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back to school...yay

so today i finally went came back to school after almost two weeks off and was greeted with the worst day ever (figuratively speaking). i woke up at 6:45 and it was freeeeezing in my room because someone left my window open then i had like 20 minutes to get ready then when i finally got to school there was no one there, i thought it was a little strange but i waited a little while for some one to come. finally 8:00 rolled around and there was still no one there and no bells had rang so i asked a campus Po-Po and she told me that it was a late start day and school didnt start until 9:45. I was so pissed i wanted to rip her face off and eat it. so i did. it was too late for me to walk all the way home because once i got there i would have to turn around and come right back. so i stayed...for 2 the rain. then finally when school did start i had to make up all the benchmarks i had missed from the week i was gone and then at lunch they ran out of ham, i need my ham. then finally i got to french 6th period and i was hoping to chat up FNG but i had to give an oral presentation that i missed then i came home and here i am. my day really sucked.

the end

Monday, January 21, 2008

still sick

so today im still sick but i guess im healthy enough to go to school tomorrow. this is finals week and im not prepared what so ever. but i still have tomorrow to study. today i didn't do much i talked to FNG for a while. and then i played half life 2

and now i think im going to go play it some more.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

once upon a weekend

this weekend was quite an adventure on saturday i went to la tolteca with my parents and i hated it. after words i went to go see the orphanage with kris and hector. it was really good. after words i went back to hectors house and we watched Cannibal! the musical. it was also really great and funny and such. then i slept. then we woke up and went to church and after church we went to weinersnizchel and good food then we went back to his house and watched idiocrisy. also a really good movie then later i ate some really hot salsa and my mouth was on fire

the end

Saturday, January 19, 2008


today i was sick...still so i didnt do much i might go get some food in a little while but thats about it

Friday, January 18, 2008

first post, prepare for disappointment

so this is my first blog

dont expect much