Monday, May 12, 2008

anorexia nervosa

so the new showbread albums "anorexia" and "nervosa" come out today, i wont be able to hear them till i hang out with hector again. im really excited seeing how showbread is one of my favorite bands, and i thought there would never be a new album since josh dies(singer) went of and did crappy solo junk. im going to see them the 29th with hector and joey
you should go too, it will be awesome. so as for my regular everyday life nothing much has been up. school is almost out, and im excited for that. the last 3 weeks it has been freezing(and by that i mean like 68 degrees) but its still kinda weird seeing how its may and im in the middle of the desert. besides the weather ive also noticed that im a pathological liar. i lie for no reason. i lie and don't notice it. then i have to lie again to cover up the lie about the lie

im a horrible person and should be medicated



Kris Avalon said...

Yeah, this weather is really bringing me down.

randy green said...

i hate it, this isnt californa . i dont wanna live in alaska

Charis said...

i got the cds today. i'll let you borrow the booklets so you can read the story along with the music.

ps: i like the solo stuff now. i didn't at first... but now i like it.

randy green said...

sweet thanks

haha your ganna need to pay me $5 to get it back

and DIES sucks

Robbie said...

Don't lie. Blog more.

Robbie said...

Don't be like Joey and just quit blogging.


Randy said...