Thursday, April 3, 2008


so in recent days i've come to realize that i've gained the reputation of the guy who's loud, overenthusiastic and cant take anything seriously. and i really don't like it just because thats the mood most people see me in doesn't mean anything. i have the same crap as everyone else and i can act like everyone else, but i choose not to because by me not being a jerk to everyone or being all depressed and crap i can make this world a little bit better. and if you'd rather just label me then go ahead, but it really doesn't matter to me what you have to say

On a lighter note:



Kris Avalon said...

Randy, don't EVER change. People spend their entire lives trying to mold themselves into who they think the world wants them to be, but the thing I love about you is that you are totally you, without any fake bs, and that's a rare thing is this pathetic, superficial world.

Charis said...

it's all fng's fault.

randy green said...

haha no actually it had alot to do with certain people at school

not girls

they jerk faces

i dont even care that much anymore

Anonymous said...


Robbie said...

What happens at the Holiday Inn Express stays at the Holiday Inn Express.