Sunday, April 6, 2008

stupid people full of stupid stupidity

so this weekend i went to the mall with joey AKA jac, but the real reason i went was to see one of my best friends ever nicole, i havent seen nicole in over 5 months and i was really looking forward to it. so everything was planned out, we were totally prepared. i called her the night before and she said that she couldent go because she was sick. i was heartbroken. so we still went to the mall, it was alright we ate pretzels and hung out at the arcade for a while but something was missing

needless to say i was quite let down

thats all i have to say at the moment

good bye

p.s. i love you


Kris Avalon said...

Randy, someday your prince(ss) will come.

randy green said...

half naked so i can take pictures of her for a grade

Anonymous said...

P.S.S. Everyone says I love you..

Robbie said...

I do.